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Latest News!!!

All the latest news is now on this page.   It's also possible for you to register and post your own pages, race reports, pictures, racer building progress, advice for others, articles about rides you've been on or anything else that tickles your fancy and gets you to put fingers to keyboard.  

A lot of the new site content will be focused on this page, as it's much easier to add and edit content there.   Also - you all can participate in the site by writing and uploading your own content.   I will keep trying to add and update this site, but it will be slower going as it's labor intensive.


Parts and Supplies

I am a Dealer for many products so I can order parts/supplies/tools for your vintage racer (as well as many modern bikes).   For instance - racing carburetors for 160s and 175s, Dyna coils, hand controls, etc.   More details and photos will be posted to the website as I get a chance.   Since I do this on the side it's hard to produce parts and update the website - but I'll do my best.

There's a new paypal donate button at the top right - if you feel like this website is useful and could donate something to help keep it up it would be very much appreciated.


Now available - get them while they're hot...   T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, etc with the Group W Racing logo are available from my new Cafepress store.   Check out to see what's available right now.   Proceeds (small as they are) will go toward expansion of the vast Group W Racing empire.   Also Todd Kalimar is working on some really cool F-160 racer attire - hopefully I'll eventually have some pics and contact info for Todd up here.

If any of you do buy a shirt, sweatshirt or anything please let me know how the quality of the product is.


160 Racing Parts, Supplies and Services

New products - lots of new products, services and parts are available and more are in development - details at


Important Information


F-160 Email list:

There is a 160 mailing list (Yahoo Group) administered by Ian Carcosa.   Information on the list and how to subscribe is available on this page.   Everyone is welcome of course.


Vintage Roadracing Newsletter:

Western Vintage Roadracing Update Newsletter:   Make sure you're on David Stark's distribution list for the Western Vintage Road Racing Update newsletter.   The first issue is online at:   David's email for getting on the distribution list is:   You'll all want to be on the list - it's an excellent newsletter and good resource for keeping in touch with vintage roadracing in the western part of the US.

Note: I'm not sure if el-Starko is still keeping up with this or not - I've not gotten an update in quite a while.   Either way I'm keeping the info up here for now until someone lets me know one way or the other.


Click for larger image - copyright © 2003 Paul Gaudio

The Flying Circus in cooperation with Vicious Cycle present a special OMRRA class within 250 Vintage for those racing in Portland, F-160 (Formula 160) sponsored by Vicious Cycle.   The rules are available here at Formula 160 rules, or if you'd like to download the MS Word version it's available here: formula160v2.doc.  

Anyone finding themselves in the Portland area should stop by Vicious Cycle and at least thank Joe for all his hard work.   Even better would be to buy stuff from him and/or use his services.   This is one shop (of many) who really deserves your business.   Going one better than that would be to buy a 160, get Joe's help in putting it together and come out and join us next year!   Vicious stocks many parts for the 160 racer, and can get many others quickly.   They've recently moved into new digs but the phone number is the same.   Click on their name to link to their website.

Vicious Cycle
Joe Pithoud, Owner

4711 N Interlake Ave.
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 285-8824




Who is Group W Racing? We are a loose collection of nuts dedicated to racing late '60s Honda CB/CL160s in vintage motorcycle roadracing classes.   We are based in Seattle, WA, and race with WMRRA, OMRRA, WMRC and AHRMA.  We are named after a passage in the Arlo Guthrie song "Alice's Restaurant."  

The main characters in this are Tim "Fats" Fowler and John "Frog" Bundy (retired) - the originators of the madness, Simon-Pierre Smith (southern correspondent, fabricator and now Flying Circus turncoat), Michael Bateman (R&D department and webmeister), Bobby Hawbaker (WMRRA Referee, 2007 WMRRA F-160 champion), Tom Deem (converted from SR500 racing), Mark Etheridge (riding the white rent-a-racer), Don Marr, Tim O'Mahoney (Bateman Racing development rider - 2007 WMRRA F-160 2nd place) and a host of other affiliates.

This nice photo is by Phil Tanner of Hotshots by Phil Tanner.   This photo was taken in Turn 2 at Portland International Raceway.   In this photo Michael Bateman (#447) is barely in front of Eirik Nielson (#872), Chris Page (#47) and Tim Fowler (#219).   This kind of competition is what we really enjoy!

160 Racing at Portland International Raceway. Copyright © 2002 Hotshots by Phil Tanner

160 Racing at it's Finest - 2002

160 Racing 2002, Copyright © 2002, Charles Johnson
Photo Montage by Charles Johnson of the Portland Flying Circus
(aka "Mean Bees")

We also associate with and help any other 160 (or other vintage) racer out there.  

You can look for many of us in the winter down at the Tahuya off-road riding area near Belfair, WA.   Quite a few roadracers use dirt riding (trail racing we call it) to train our reflexes and keep in shape for the summer roadracing season.   Most weekends over the winter you can find us riding there - usually meeting at either the Mission Creek trailhead, the Elfendahl Pass staging area or the Gravel Pit trailhead at around 9:30am on Sunday.   If you've got a dirt bike you should join us, if you don't you should get one.   It will improve your roadracing.

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