Ian Carcosa of "The Evil Ducky" Ducati 250 administers the 160 mailing list.   This is a yahoo groups list and will be much easier (and better) than the CC: list that some of us have been previously using to spread the good word and keep in touch (and trash talk, and tease each other, and...).   Here's Ian's subscription instructions and description:

Formula-160 is a discussion forum dedicated to the ubiquitous CB160 which has become a mainstay of 250 Vintage-class racing in the Pacific NW with both the WMRRA and OMRRA roadracing clubs in Washington and Oregon. This is one of the purest forms of "gentleman's" (and ladies) racing in its low expense, general accessability and sheer fun.

The web site address is:

The email address is:

To subscribe:

I put a link to the Group W website on the "Group Email addresses" section. Members can upload photos, files, there's a chat room, or post polls which people can vote on.

This list will contain all the luminaries of the Western Vintage Racing World (at least of the 250 vintage grid - with the exception of Fowler the Luddite of course).   Everyone who's anyone will want to join of course so make sure you sign up or risk not being "one of us."   You wouldn't want us pointing at you and laughing and not have any idea of what we're talking about would you?   Of course not - so be good and sign up and get all the news.