Vicious Cycle F-160 Championship Series

  • F-160 is a "superstock" class that requires all motors be within manufacturers specification regarding bore, stroke, pistons, valve sizes, and camshafts.
  • Up to 161cc four stroke twins.
  • Up to 125cc two stroke singles.
  • Pre-1968 motorcycles.

The following modifications are permitted:   exhaust, transmission, carburetors, ignition, bodywork, brakes and suspension.

The class will be run as a class within a class on the 250 Vintage grid.   F-160 will grid directly behind other participants in 250V, and will start in the same wave as 250V.

Races will coincide with the OMRRA 250V schedule.

F-160 will run an inverted grid, with previous race winners starting at the back and last place riders starting at the front.   Riders who did not finish in the previous race will be gridded behind the first place rider from the previous race.   Novices will grid at the back.   The first race of the season will start first come first serve, with novices at the back.

No attempts at policing the class will be made, as this will be a gentleman's race.   No protests will be heard.   If you cheat, you're just a cheater.

There will be no additional fees for F-160.   Riders should enter 250V, and will be gridded with F-160 if their bike meets the requirements for the class, unless they request otherwise.

Season points for F-160 will be tracked by the rider group.   Points will be awarded according to the following formula: all finishers get one point per race finish, with third place getting 1+1, second getting 1+2, and first getting 1+3.

There will be no pay-out at the end of each race.   All proceeds will go into a drawing at the end of the season.   Riders will receive one ticket per season point.   Tickets will be drawn randomly from a hat for prizes.

Complaints about this class can be directed to the F-160 over-site committee:   Paul Gaudio, Chris Page, and Simon-Pierre Smith.

F-160 oversight committee emails:

Chris Page:
Paul Gaudio:
Simon-Pierre Smith:

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