August 15, 2009

It's been quite a while since I've updated, and there's been quite a lot going on.   The shop didn't work out so well as for this sort of work I put way more labor into everything than I can really charge for.   However, I did manage to find a great job.   I'm back to doing engineering work full time, working for the City of Poulsbo as a civil engineer, only about 10 minutes from home.   I'm still doing 160/175 work on the side, but it's truly on the side.   As there's only one of me, production is pretty slow and when I'm out of stock on stuff I'm out for a while, until I get a chance between other projects to do a short production run.

At this point I'm not taking on major projects.   Head work, valve jobs, porting, etc are fine.   I'm not doing major motor or chassis work.

We've also had a major retirement due to injury - Cogs was hurt badly at the last Spokane round here.   He's home and recovering now, but will take a very long time to heal.   More details at   Do consider donating something toward his recovery.   Contact the Seattle Cretins for info on how to do so.  

Also - we've had a great guest rider at the last round.   Aaron Frank of Motorcyclist Magazine came out and raced with us on a Tim O'Manhony built Bateman Racing sponsored CL175 racer.   The bike turned out great - in fact it turned out to be the fastest one we've built so far.   And Aaron didn't disappoint - in addition to being a very cool and fun guy Aaron "got it" - both the community aspect of the racing and racing the bikes themselves.   He started out from "You've got to be F*&^%ing Kidding Me," progressed through "These bikes F&*^%ng Rock!" and right on to winning the first F-160 heat on Sunday - the first win of his career it turs out.

Look for the story to be published in the November issue of Motorcyclist Magazine, and make sure to write in and tell them what a great story it is so we can get Aaron out here racing more on the company dime and continue the story.  


March 11, 2008

Well - I'm working at having a go of running my own shop.   It's going slow, but it's going.   Lots of new parts, supplies and services are up at  

There's a new weblog feature of Group W Racing just in time for the race season and all of your race reports/stories/photos, etc.   It's done with Wordpress - please let me know what you think.

I will also be having a go at doing some web commerce on the Bateman Racing website.   I'd appreciate any feedback you can give there too.



January 6, 2008

Disaster!   I've been laid off from MAX RPM Motorsports as of the first of the year with no notice and no severence.   I'm working on setting up my own shopspace for working on motorcycles and autos with a couple of other guys in the Tacoma area.   It'll end up better for me in the long run I think but for right now I'm scrambling to pay bills.   We should have the shop set up by the end of the month hopefully - I'll post here when I have more details.   I'm working on making 160/175 parts too - see for details on what's available right now.   I'll also be working more earnestly on some website updates and content.  

If you feel like making a donation to help keep this website up or to help me get the new shop going and pay the bills there's a paypal donate button at the top right now.   Every little bit helps - thanks!

Shirts - T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs etc with the Group W Racing logo are available from my new Cafepress store.   Check out to see what's available right now.



November 2, 2005

New 160 for sale in wantads section - nice looking street bike.



October 20, 2005

New pipe for sale ad in wantads section.


October 15, 2005

Well - it's been several years since I've done any updates.   As I said on the front page - I'll be working on the site over the winter trying to make updates, bringing it up to date and perhaps adding some content I've been meaning to add.   Anyone with ideas feel free to email, especially if it's a submission.   Chris Page will be writing an article on mounting the fiberglass bellypans from Brett Edwards - anyone else?   Technical articles, links, race reports, party announcements, all are welcome.

I've also taken a stab at updating the wantads - If I took something of yours off and want it back on let me know.   Also, anyone with current wants or items for sale is welcome to email an add to me.   Please make it as you want it to be seen - I would like to be able to just paste it verbatim into the wantads page.

Cheers and good luck with you winter projects!


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