Here's the older "what's new" entries - every so often I'll clean up the "what's new" area so it's actually relatively new stuff.


July 29, 2003

Lots going on now.   I'm working full time as a motorcycle mechanic at Max RPM in Bremerton.   The season is in full swing, and the competition is the best ever.   I just returned from a weekend in Mission, BC racing.   This was round 5 of the SOTP championship, and we had an absolute blast.   The Westwood club has been fantastic hosts three years running, getting better each year.   There have been some really large improvements to the surface of the track in some of the corners too.   And to top it all off, no mosquitos this year.   I won both heats on Saturday and both heats on Sunday, with Rich Richter giving me a real run for it on Sunday.

Portland vintage days was epic.   You could have thrown a blanket over all 6 of the leaders the entire race on Sunday.   We didn't just change leads multiple times per lap, we changed leads multiple times per corner!   I won the morning heat and Eirik won the afternoon heat, taking the overall win for the day as he was second in the morning.   All of us in the lead pack agreed that it was the best day racing ever that we could remember.   There were 32 or 33 bikes on the 250 vintage grid - and only three bikes from Washington came down!

Seattle vintage days was great too, even though the weather didn't cooperate very well. I won the races on Saturday, and Rick Richter ended up with the overall win on Sunday. I did end up 4th in one of the Open vintage races in the rain - 8th in the morning 4th in the afternoon for 5th overall. Not bad for a 160 eh?

The next race is the 10th of August in Seattle - I'm looking forward to racing with all of you then!


April 24, 2003

The season is upon us - and I've been slow in updating things here.   I've been working on developing the Pertronix adaptor further - I think I can adapt the Pertronix to preserve the advance unit making it suitable for using on a streetbike.   I've got a bit more research to do, but I don't think it'll be too hard once I get the time to work on it.   I'm also working on setting up to sell them for the 350 Honda as well.   Adjustable cams are here - I've installed several now in engines and am offering conversion services.   You can either send your cam to me for the conversion to an adjustable sprocket and complete the conversion yourself (minor machine work to the cylinder head is needed - it can be done with a hacksaw and file if necessary). Or - I can do the entire conversion including head work and cam degreeing here.  

I also have a line on reusable copper head gaskets in any bore size with your choice of .042" and .065" thickness.   They're Copper Gaskets Unlimited in Phoenix, AZ - (602) 861-5096.   Please let them know I sent you.  

I'm also offering work improving your cylinder head cooling.   I'll be writing another article eventually - there's a lot of work that can be done to open the cooling holes iun the head between the combustion chambers.   I've done several now and sort of have it down - if you want your head modified for improved cooling I can do that for you.

I've got another project in the works - hopefully by the end of the season I'll have a 175 sloper project bike on the track.   I'm developing a 175 to race in the 500 vintage class.   I think I can build a bike that will be able to keep up with the 500s, starting from a 160 chassis and a 175 sloper engine.   I plan on having it on the track by the end of the season and getting serious about competing in 500 vintage with it next season.  

I should also mention that I'm now employed at Max RPM in Bremerton, WA.   It's a performance oriented motorcycle and car shop.   If you find yourself in the neighborhood stop in and say hi - I'll be in the back working on bikes.

Something else that's new - I'm working on Group W Racing logo gear.   Right now there's just a coffee mug available - it's at   Their site appears to be down right now so I can't give you the direct link, but a search for Group W Racing ought to bring it up.   I'll have more gear and more logos eventually - and I'll keep you all updated.

I'll try to get more updates to the site soon - Frog has written up several good reports so far that IN need to get up on the site as soon as possible.   Anyone else that wants to get good press please write up a report and I'll get it up as well.




March 24, 2003

Response on the Pertronix Adaptors has been great - thanks guys!   I have quite a few more in stock.   I'm working on an idea for making one that could be used with the stock advance unit for using on a street bike - more news on that when I get it closer to being done.

I've completed the prototypes of the adjustable cam sprocket adaptors, and have installed them in both my bike (stock 160) and Ken Anderson's (sloper 175).   They work great - now adjusting the cam timing is a simple matter of removing the valve cover, loosening three bolts, adjusting the timing, tightening the bolts, installing the valve cover and torquing the cylinder studs.   Of course you still have to check the timing change with a degree wheel, but it's much easier than removing the cam (after removing cam bearings, rockers, etc) and pressing the gear on and off. Besides - you'll already have the wheel and dial indicator set up to do the initial check so it's a piece of cake.   Photos and a short article will be up on the site soon.   Starting in the next week or so I'll be offering the conversion of your camshaft to an adjustable sprocket as a service - pricing TBA (it takes longer than I thought it would to make them).

I'll also be re-writing the Pertronix adaptor article soon based on some good feedback from some of you guys who've purchased the adaptors from me - thanks!

I've also got another product for you - piston stop plates.   They fit under the pistons when assembling the engine, and keep the pistons up and level.   Installing a cylinder couldn't be easier with them - they make it so easy that I don't wish for a set of ring compressors anymore.   They can also be stacked on top of the cylinder when installing the head - giving you plenty of room for passing the camchain wires through the head without needing to wish for an extra set of hands.   I'll have pictures of them up on the website soon also.

I'll probably also be making adaptors for the degree wheels soon - the new design I came up with for checking my 160 works very well - so I'll do a run of them soon.   No more stacking washers and trying not to torque too hard on the bolt.   The adaptor has drive pins and wrench flats for turning the engine.   I'll put photos up when I get them done.




March 12, 2003

Fiberglass bellypans with the full approval of the OMRRA tech department are now available from Bret Edwards at Glass From the Past through Vicious Cycle.   See the Wantads/Parts for Sale page for details.

I've got the first prototype of the adjustable cam sprocket done, look for pictures and details soon here on Group W Racing dot com.



March 7, 2003

Photos of the Pertronix adaptors and starter blockoff plugs are now up on the Wantads/Parts for Sale page.   There's also a picture of some new rearset plates available through Vicious Cycle.   I'm currently working on a prototype of an adaptor/modified sprocket combination that will make it much easier to adjust your cam timing.   I'll keep you informed how it's coming and once I have them available there will be pictures and pricing information up on the Wantads/Parts for Sale page as well.  



February 21, 2003

Bateman Racing is now offering Pertronix ignitor cam adaptors.   I have several in stock now, and will be making more soon.   I've also got starter blockoff plugs made and available.   Over the course of the season I expect to develop several more products - watch these pages for updates.  

WMRRA has made it official - there will be a Formula 160 race in Spokane as mentioned in the previous note.   This is fantastic - and the club is really showing some faith in us.   We need to make sure that as many of us as possible make it to that race.   The entry fee will be reduced from the normal WMRRA entry fee, and there will be purse money as well as prizes to be given out.   Everyone will have a good chance of winning something, not just the front runners.

Les Barker at The Vintage Advantage/Little Engine Service has a whole bunch of cool stuff for 160/175 racers.   I just ordered and installed a set of valve springs that I ordered from Les.   They are way better than the stock weak springs, and will prevent deadly valve float.   They'll also last longer than the stock springs do.   If you order from Les please make sure to let him know that Group W Racing sent you.




February 13, 2003

Lots of new stuff coming - OMRRA has announced that the 250 Vintage class will have it's own grid this season.   They're really supporting the 250 Vintage class, so it's very important that we all go down and support them.   You won't have to worry about being strafed by fast guys on fast bikes - we'll just be 250 Vintage all by our lonesome on the track.   That really rocks - so plan on racing all the Portland races please!

OMRRA does have a belly pan rule that includes vintage bikes.   To help everyone out, the Flying Circus has been hard at work this winter creating a bellypan that will look good, work well and have the full approval of the OMRRA Tech Inspection Department.   These will be available through Brett at Glass from the Past. Photos, prices and availability will be posted here as soon as I hear.  

For those of you who ran at Portland last year with a somewhat cobby bellypan, it's not likely that it'll pass tech this season.   Please make sure you're up to snuff by either buying the pan from Brett when it comes available or working closely with the OMRRA Tech Inspection Department to make sure your pan is acceptable and you'll be able to run.   We want everyone to make the grid, and we don't want anyone (neither racers nor tech folk) to have any hassles.

In addition to that, the Portland based Flying Circus in cooperation with Vicious Cycle and OMRRA has announced a special class within 250 Vintage, F-160 (Formula 160) sponsored by Vicious Cycle.   The rules are available here at Formula 160 rules, or if you'd like to download the MS Word version it's available here: formula160v2.doc.   Paul Gaudio has created a very nice flyer for the F-160 class (click image for a larger one):

Click for larger image - copyright © 2003 Paul Gaudio


And more good news:
Dunlop has announced a huge contingency program for this season - including vintage races in WMRRA and OMRRA.   They're paying down to fifth place, $50/40/30/20/10.   None of us have tried Dunlop tires yet, but I linked to an information sheet on the tires and it's available here Dunlop Vintage Tire Chart and in the Tech. articles section of the site.   Let's hope Avon steps up with something similar.

And in the yet more good news department:
There will be a special race for 160 based bikes (exact bike eligibility TBD) at the September WMRRA Spokane round.   The details are still being worked out, but it will be a 10 lap race and there will be purse money, prizes and glory for everyone involved.   I'll post more information when it becomes available.



February 5, 2003

New ads up in the wantads section.   I've got a bit more content for the tech section coming soon.   Also - look for an announcement from the Portland Flying Circus in the next couple of days regarding some fantastic developments in the 250 vintage arena in OMRRA.


January 2, 2003

There's not a whole lot of new content - some new ads in the wantads section and some chatter on the discussion board.   I hope everyone had a great holiday season and you're all getting ready to start working on bikes for next season!



November 14, 2002

There's two new articles in the Technical Articles section.   I've added an article with quite a few detail photos showing some of Flying Circus bike solutions for footpegs, rearset plates, brake levers, shift linkages, etc.   I'll try to add more photos there as I can.   The second article is one on mounting a Pertronix ignitor points replacement on the 160.   There are also a few new photos in the Reports/Photos section.



November 11, 2002

There's lots of momentum going on starting a west coast vintage race series.   It looks like this may come together.  We could really use some help with getting ahold of California vintage racers.   If you race in California, and especially if you might be interested in racing at a couple of west coast championship races get ahold of us please.

I've added another new feature to the website - a discussion forum board.   It's a pretty full-featured board and I'm still learning how to set it up and run it. There are options for multiple topics, groups of users, all kinds of stuff.   For now there's just one general 160 discussion topic set up.   Check it out - try using it and let me know how it works.   Also let me know if you think more discussion topics are in order (IE - a special topic area for race modification discussion, etc.) You can get to it here: 160 Discussion Board.   I'll add a discussion area for the west coast vintage series if it comes together.



November 8, 2002

2002 Sounds of the Past (SOTP) results are in.   Download them here:   2002 SOTP Results (Excel spreadsheet)

In case you hadn't heard, the AHRMA has cancelled both the Sears Point and the Willow Springs vintage roadrace rounds for next season (2003) due to circumstances beyond their control.   There are several movements afoot to do something about this loss.   Look for more information here next week on the efforts of the Flying Circus and Group W Racing to give west coast vintage racers another series to compete in next season.

Frog's forwarded a nice picture of the very nice 160 roadracer he has for sale.   You can see them on the wantads page.



November 7, 2002

A few new ads are up in the wantads section, including one for sale.


November 1, 2002

There are some new ads up in the wantads section - so far all for bikes wanted.   There's a fair demand for bikes it seems.   If you've got one for sale make sure to let me know and I'll get it up in the ads section.   It's sure to sell quick.

I'm planning on building some experimental exhaust systems this winter.   Anyone wanting me to build an exhaust for them should let me know asap, so I can get an idea of the demand and get enough parts.

Nic Templeton is building a 160 racer to come out and play with us next season.   He's got a bit of a page going about it at   It looks like he's coming along nicely and should be done long before the season starts.   Congrats Nic!   We're looking forward to seeing you on the grid this next season.



October 23, 2002

OMRRA results are up on the OMRRA web page now, and WMRRA results are up on the WMRRA web page as well.   You can check out all the results for your favorite racer there.   As I get time I will update the results page here as well.  

Congratulations to Flying Circus rider Chris Page for winning the OMRRA 250 Vintage championship!   Eirik Nielson took the second spot his novice season (a very noteworthy accomplishment) and Jon Munns rounds out the season championship podium with the third place trophy.   Congratulations guys!!!   And Congratulations to both the Flying Circus and Vicious Cycle for a very auspicious first season in 250 Vintage - building a whole bunch of beautiful bikes in short order, sweeping the OMRRA season championship podium, having an awful lot of fun and really adding a fantastic presence to 250 Vintage racing in Oregon and Washington.   I'm really looking forward to descending on Sears Point Raceway in the spring for the AHRMA races there.   We should make a pretty big impact this coming season.

The want ads page is up - send me your for sale and wanted ads and I'll get them up for everyone to see.   I took a look at some of the web statistics last night and we're getting a surprising number of visits from folks all across the nation - and in fact quite a few from overseas as well.   It made me think perhaps I should add some sort of guestbook to the site, so I've done that.   It's pretty simple right now - but it works fine.   Check it out here: Guestbook and put in an entry - let us know where you're from and what you're up to.

I've added the capability to send a sponsorship contribution online through Paypal.   If you are educated and entertained by the Group W Racing website and could help in any way we'd sure appreciate it.   use the email address for Paypal, or if you'd rather help another way send a note and let me know.

I also have it on good authority that there's a good chance there will be a couple of turn-key basic 160 racers built this winter for sale in the spring - watch the pages here for more information.   When I find out more I'll let you know.



October 21, 2002

Well - despite a very trying year on the personal front I (Michael) managed to successfully defend my 2001 250 Vintage championship.   The last race has been run and I'm the 2002 WMRRA 250 Vintage champion.   Tim Fowler took second place for the season, Rick Richter is third, Tim Keane on the Ducati 250 took fourth and Mark Etheridge took fifth.   I'll update the results page soon so you can see where all the Group W Racing riders (and everyone else as well) finished for the season.   We had a fantastic year for 250 Vintage racing, more than doubling the grids this year and having a complete blast.   The biggest growth was definitely from the addition of the Flying Circus riders from Portland, OR, but that's not to diminish the contributions of any of the other new riders by any stretch of the imagination.   This was definitely a banner year - thank you to everyone who's joined us this season.   250 Vintage racing is definitely much better because of all of you.

There are already more bikes under construction, and we expect the grid to grow even more next season.   We certainly hope to see the grids continue to grow and welcome all the new prospects.   I hope to see you all on the grid next season.

I've had a lot of folks calling and emailing asking if I know about bikes for sale - enough that I can't keep track of who's asked what.   So - I've decided to put up a want ads section on the site.   If you've got stuff for sale or stuff you want send me an email with you ad and I'll get it up on the want ads page.

I'm also offering my services building and tuning 160s this winter for next race season.   If you have any work you'd like done for next season shoot me an email and we can chat about what you need.   I'm offering everything from engine tuning to engine building to complete bike building from your core 160.   Whatever you need.

I've got several more articles planned for the website this winter, and hopefully I'll get some more reports and stories from some of the other riders.   I'll also be working on getting some of the pictures from this season up on the website.   I've got some nice pictures of what some of the other guys have done on their bikes - like rearsets, rear brake arrangements, catch tanks, oil pans, etc.   Hopefully I'll have time to get it all up on the site early this winter.   If you've got a story about your season or a race this year or whatever definitely let me know and I'll get it up on the site.   Be a published writer!   Fame, glory!



October 2, 2002

Again it's been a while since I've done any updates.   Things have been going well for the Group W boys though.   I've had zero trouble with siezures and have been doing well since then.   I'm currently in the lead in the season points with only one race to go.   Tim Fowler is in second.   I'm not quite sure where everyone else is, but once WMRRA updates the results and points from this last race I'll update the page here.   We all had a blast at the Seattle Vintage Days races this last weekend. We entered both 250/500 Vintage and 750(Open) Vintage on Saturday.   It was a beautiful day, and with the Portland Flying Circus riders there were over 20 bikes on the 250 Vintage grid.   What a great time - I won the first and second 250 Vintage heats, I'm not sure where I placed in Open Vintage on the mighty 160.   I know I didn't get lapped though!

For this race both Dan Hill and Mark Etheridge had brought their engines to the Bateman Racing Skunkwerks shop for a bit of cam degreeing work.   In Dan's case it turned out to be quite a bit more work than that as we found a huge number of problems with the engine, including a siezed cam bearing, broken top rings on both cylinders, a cam so retarded it was amazing it ran and a flywheel off by 9 degrees due to a sheared locating pin.   It's no wonder poor Dan has struggled with his engine this whole season.   It ran so well this weekend that he took over 15 seconds off his best lap times.   In Mark's case there was less to fix but his cam was back at 105 degrees.   After resetting it to a much sweeter number he said the bike was transformed.   He's now able to keep up with everyone on the straights and is going faster everywhere.   Mark also dropped his lap times down by quite a bit and is very happy with the new engine.   Setting everything correct is pretty important - and cam timing is just as important as ignition timing.   It should be at least checked and set correctly if it's out.   Of course Bateman Racing is happy to offer these services! :-)

Ian Carcosa (better known as Havoc23) ran Tim Keane's Ducati 250 in the 250 Vintage races on Saturday.   He had a blast and will be joining us on the grid for next year.   His report is up on the reports/photos page or here.

David Hussey has written a bit about his progress on the path to enlightenment also.   It can be found on the reports/photos page as well as here.

More when I get a chance.   I've got a whole bunch of photos from this year that I'll be putting up eventually.   I'll also be adding some more meat to the technical section of the pages here.   For now - just "keep the faith, brother!"


August 3, 2002

Well - quite a bit has been going on.   I've had a couple of Grand Mal (or Tonic-Clonic) seizures and taken a couple of rides to the emergency room in an ambulance!   That's put a bit of a crimp in my style for a bit.   So far all the tests have been coming back normal, and it looks like a wierd anomoly probably caused by a virus or something.   I had to miss the last race, but I 'll be back on the 11th of August and pushing hard.  

Tom Mehren of Sound Rider, a local online motorcycle magazine well worth a regular read has done a special article on 160 racing in the Northwest.   Check it out, and let Tom know if you like it.   The article can be found directly at:

I'll try to get some more updates up as I get caught up with life and get around to it.


June 26, 2002

Quite a bit of new information up in the Tech section.   There's a new story about racing in the rain in the Reports/Photos section.   I've fixed my email address so it works now.

We had a great race weekend on the 22nd/23rd. Most all of the Portland riders came up, and we ended up with 15 bikes on the 250 Vintage grid.   I ended up taking the overall win, with Tim Keane (Duc 250) falling down in the first race.   He finished first in the second race by a little bit, but I got the overall win for the weekend.   Results will be posted as soon as I get them.


June 14, 2002

There's a new article on additional tuning tips in the Tech section.   A new cool 160 racing montage by Charlie is up on the front page and on the reports/photos page.   I've also corrected the scoring in the note below, apparently there was a scoring error and Tim Keane should have been scored third.


June 11, 2002

There's some tuning information up in the Tech section now, as well as a great report on Sears Point in 2000 by Tim (Fats Fowlinski), and a report on the Spokane race weekend by me.   I've gotten in quite a few pictures lately, and I'll get them up as soon as I can, along with some more of the parts manual.   I've also edited "The Fowler Formula" a bit.

As for the Spokane race - I ended up with the overall win since Tim Keane had trouble in the first race. Eirik ended up second, Tim Keane third, Tom Deem fourth and Tim Fowler fifth.   I don't remember how it went after that - I'll get the results up as soon as they're posted on the WMRRA website.   Everyone had a blast, and no one crashed hard.   Brian Halbert fell down on Saturday, but was back running right away.   Mark Etheridge fell down on Sunday in the hairpin, but was also back up running right away.


March 23, 2002

There've been quite a few updates to the site as you can see.   A new front page picture with kickass artwork, some new articles in the tech section and some new photos in the photo section.   Results from the Sears Point AHRMA race are up, as are the results from the May 19 race at Portland.


March 14, 2002

I've put up some photos in the "Reports/Photos" section that Frog forwarded from Paul Gaudio.   These are from the first race this year at PIR.   Check out all the 160s gathered together!   And all those are in _addition_ to the Group W Racing bikes.   250 Vintage is going to be a great class to be in this year.

I've also put up a picture of Frog's bike (and Frog) and some specs on it in the "Machines" section.   Eventually I'll get some pictures of the rest of our bikes up there.


March 9, 2002

Results are now posted on the WMRRA web page for the May 5 race.   I've posted Group W Racing members results here.   Current SOTP standings are also available on the SOTP web page.   Results for Sears Point are not posted on the AHRMA web yet, but when they are I'll update the results page here with results for Group W racers.


March 6, 2002

The second race in the WMRRA schedule saw some great action in the 250 Vintage class.   Group W Racing was out in force, with Tim Fowler, Simon-Pierre Smith, Michael Bateman, Dan Hill and Mark Etheridge.   There were 11 160s on the grid and Tim Keane on the Ducati 250. During morning practice Michael Bateman's newly assembled bike spun the cam bearing on the right side due to an assembly error.   I'll write more about that blunder - but suffice it to say that you should always make sure to punch out _all_ the holes in the gaskets instead of relying on "I'll remember to not get it in backwards..." Apparently the last time I had the cam bearing out I managed to get the gasket on backwards, and plugged the oil hole as I had only punched out one of the two holes in the gasket.   Luckily Tim and Simon had packed the extra bike (the black bike, aka the Bobino bike), and we quickly put my number on the bike, changed the shifter linkage to a lever for GP shift, and got the bike through tech.   The black bike is definitely slower than my bike, and it took me a little bit to get comfortable on it, but I was able to pull off a second place to Tim Keane's Ducati 250 in the first race, followed by Brian Halbert to round out the podium.   I was hoping to give Tim K. a race for 1st, but the Ducati has legs on the straights and the 160s just can't keep up.   We'll see at Spokane whether or not my 160 is fast enough to keep up with Tim and give him a race.   In the second race I again managed to pull off a 2nd place to Tim Keane, followed by Tim Fowler.   It was a fantastic battle between Tim an I and we came in grinning and jumping up and down as usual.   I don't remember for sure where everyone else placed, but I'll get the results up on the web page as soon as they're posted on the WMRRA web page.

Sam Liggett stopped by the Group W pits on Sunday to invite us to return to Mission, BC for the Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club's second annual race at Mission July 2 6th, 27th and 28th.   We had such a grand time there last year we assured him we would attend.   That weekend was the only time we've had spectators coming by the pits to thank us for showing up, and standing ovations after our races.   Talk about making you feel like a hero!   Sam said we had to come up, or the local folks were going to kill him.   Apparently we were a hit.

So - 160 racers everywhere mark your calendars.   July 26th-28th at Mission, BC just over the border.   This race is a total blast and is not to be missed.

See you all in Spokane for sure if not Portland first. Tim and Simon will definitely be there at Portland, I'm a maybe.


April 25, 2002

The first race of both the OMRRA and WMRRA season are in the books now.   The WMRRA opener was nasty rainy and slick, but in spite of that there were 12 bikes on the 250 Vintage grid.   250 Vintage may be the fastest growing class in Northwest club racing this year.   At Pacific Raceways (formerly Seattle International Raceway) Group W rider Mark Etheridge ended up with the overall win in the combined results, followed by Cretins novice rider Michael Collins, and Group W Rider Tim Fowler.  Full results will be posted as soon as I can get around to typing them up.   At the OMRRA opener John Munns and the Flying Circus riders had their bikes complete in time thanks to the folks at Viscious Cycles.   By all reports the bikes are beautiful.   There were 12 bikes on the 250 Vintage grid in Portland also.   Group W rider Tim Fowler ended up with the overall win at Portland, followed by Flying Circus novice rider Erik Nielsen and Christopher Page.   It looks like Group W has some serious competition in the Flying Circus riders this year. It also looks like Tim Keane on his Ducati 250 could give us some trouble in WMRRA 250 Vintage if he can keep it running....

Group W will be at Sears Point this weekend competing in the AHRMA races.   Tim Fowler, Simon-Pierre Smith, John Bundy and Tom Deem will be making the trek to California to uphold the reputation of Group W Racing (such as it is).   The next local race will be May 5 at Pacific Raceway.   Group W rider and webmaster Michael Bateman will be returning for that race (and hopefully the rest of the season) following a bit of a financial setback incurred when the boat he bought sunk.   More on that story will appear on when I get around to writing it up.

It looks like this is going to be a great year for 160 racing in the Northwest.   The Sounds of the Past series will be running a 160 series this year.   We're totally dominating the 250 vintage grids in both clubs - the first WMRRA race had 8 Honda 160s on the grid, with two 175, a Penton and a Ducati 250 filling out the rest of the places.   The first race in Portland (OMRRA) saw the entire grid of 12 full of nothing but 160s.   If you're interested in racing a 160 feel free to stop by the Group W pits and chat with us - we'll try to help you get started.   Also take a look at the technical section here on for a treatise on building a 160 roadracer.   Most of the 160s racing in the Northwest are built roughly on this "Fowler Formula."   It may even turn out that a ride may be available on one of the Group W Racing "Rent-a-racers."

We'll see you out there!


March 20, 2002

I've added some pictures to the 160 building article.   I've got more pictures of racing scanned and will be adding them to the site over the next few weeks.

November 6, 2001

I've updated the results page and added a technical section with the beginnings of an article on building a 160 Roadracer.  Hopefully there will be more pictures and articles soon.  

June 4, 2001

I finally got started putting this website together.   I need photos, ideas etc.   Let me know if you can help!

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